From 12 hubs in 2021 to 30 in 2022…AMPLIFY is expanding so as to better serve the needs of local communities. Our inspiring keynote speakers and experienced elective presenters are drawn from across the country (and overseas) and their presentations are made available to all hubs. Check your nearest hub to see what’s on offer at your location.

Many hubs have taken the opportunity to add some local ‘in person’ trainers to complement their suite of pre-recorded elective topics. All pre-recorded electives will be facilitated so as to maximise small group discussion and tap into the wisdom in the room.

Enjoy your day at your hub. Bring your team, enjoy the richness of the Kingdom of God and fuel up for another year of ministry.  

The following elements will be at most hubs:

  • Opening Plenary session:
    Worship together & keynote presentation
  • Second Plenary session:
    Choose a keynote speaker from a range of ministry categories: Children & Families, Youth, Junior Leaders, RI in Schools (QLD only) or local speaker
  • 3 Elective sessions
  • Morning tea & lunch provided

Tasmania Hubs

Hobart North 

Hobart North Uniting Church
2 Swan St North Hobart

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Hobart North Uniting Church

9:00amRegistrations Open
9:30amPlenary Session 1:
Celebrate our opening together and listen to the voices of some of our young people.
10:30amMorning Tea
10:50amPlenary Session 2:
Choose your keynote speaker:
Rachel Turner (Children & Families)
Dan Paterson (Youth)
Ben Dainton (Junior Leaders) {and for QLD Hubs}
12:00pmElectives Session 1
1:40pmElective Session 2
2:45pmElective Session 3 or Open Conversation
3:45pmConference End

Hobart North Uniting Church

Click on the Sessions below to see what electives are on offer in each time slot. Click on an elective topic to learn more about it. 

[L] = Live presentation  [R] = Recorded presentation with facilitated interaction.

Session 1: Electives

Children and Families:
Relevant kids’ ministry in 2022 - Tracy Valentine [R]

Several recent studies reveal why some kids become disengaged from the church or why faith doesn't seem relevant for them. We will delve into some solutions which are adaptable for every church context. Everyone can make a difference in a church community to help kids feel engaged. This elective is designed for all kids ministry volunteers as well as those who lead the ministry. You will leave with very practical ideas to help you increase the impact of your ministry. Tracy is passionate about ensuring we create thriving church communities where children feel loved and feel they belong as they grow in their faith. She has been a Kids and Families Pastor for 15 years and Lectures in Kids Ministry for the Queensland Baptist Theological College, Malyon.

Children and Families:
Working with 0 to 5’s - Bethany McGibbon [R]

Arguably, your early years ministry is the most foundational and critical ministry in the life of your church. Join us as we unpack the 'why' we provide a ministry space for young children and explore how to create an engaging and exciting space/program that will see preschoolers’ hearts set on fire for Jesus.

Identity Matters - Nurturing Young People’s Spiritual AND Personal Identity - Rowan Lewis [R]

Session 2: Electives

Children and Families:
Equipping families for difficult times - Rachel Turner [R]

Sometimes families struggle with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. Drawing on her experience of working with families, and principles from her books Comfort in the Darkness and the upcoming book Comfort in Times of Uncertainty, Rachel will discuss some key principles in empowering parents and carers to coach their children spiritually through the common difficulties families face.

Children and Families:
The power of story - Terry Williams [R]

How can you hold an audience without a rope? Come and discover the key elements in the art of storytelling that will help to connect with your audience, maintain their attention and create a special space for God to touch people’s hearts and minds. Such is the power of story and it is as easy as A, B, C & D.

Engaging spiritual conversations with youth - Steve Forward [R]

When it comes to spiritual conversations, Jesus was a true master. In this session, we will explore 7 tools that Jesus used to amazing effect in his conversations and apply them to the issues and concerns facing today's young people.

Session 3: Electives

Children and Families:
Raising children in an age of screens - Terry Williams [R]

The world is changing at an exponential pace. Technology is not going away. Denial is not a strategy that is going to work! While the challenge seems huge, come and explore some basic principles that undergird any strategy to help young people and parents to navigate through a digital world in a healthy way. Being informed is the start of the journey.

The power of mentoring - Jim Schirmer [R]

Jim Schirmer is a counsellor, educator, church re-former and spiritual mentor who has worked with youth and young adults for over 15 years. He is the author of 'The Way of the Rabbi: Stories of Discipleship from the Gospel of Mark' (Morning Star Publishing).