From 12 hubs in 2021 to 30 in 2022…AMPLIFY is expanding so as to better serve the needs of local communities. Our inspiring keynote speakers and experienced elective presenters are drawn from across the country (and overseas) and their presentations are made available to all hubs. Check your nearest hub to see what’s on offer at your location.

Many hubs have taken the opportunity to add some local ‘in person’ trainers to complement their suite of pre-recorded elective topics. All pre-recorded electives will be facilitated so as to maximise small group discussion and tap into the wisdom in the room.

Enjoy your day at your hub. Bring your team, enjoy the richness of the Kingdom of God and fuel up for another year of ministry.  

The following elements will be at most hubs:

  • Opening Plenary session:
    Worship together & keynote presentation
  • Second Plenary session:
    Choose a keynote speaker from a range of ministry categories: Children & Families, Youth, Junior Leaders, RI in Schools (QLD only) or local speaker
  • 3 Elective sessions
  • Morning tea & lunch provided

Tasmania Hubs