From 12 hubs in 2021 to 30 in 2022…AMPLIFY is expanding so as to better serve the needs of local communities. Our inspiring keynote speakers and experienced elective presenters are drawn from across the country (and overseas) and their presentations are made available to all hubs. Check your nearest hub to see what’s on offer at your location.

Many hubs have taken the opportunity to add some local ‘in person’ trainers to complement their suite of pre-recorded elective topics. All pre-recorded electives will be facilitated so as to maximise small group discussion and tap into the wisdom in the room.

Enjoy your day at your hub. Bring your team, enjoy the richness of the Kingdom of God and fuel up for another year of ministry.  

The following elements will be at most hubs:

  • Opening Plenary session:
    Worship together & keynote presentation
  • Second Plenary session:
    Choose a keynote speaker from a range of ministry categories: Children & Families, Youth, Junior Leaders, RI in Schools (QLD only) or local speaker
  • 3 Elective sessions
  • Morning tea & lunch provided

Western Australia Hubs


Karratha Baptist Church

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Registrations opening January 11th for AMPLIFY WA on 26th March, 2022


8:30amRegistrations Open
9:00amPlenary Session 1:
Celebrate our opening together and listen to the voices of some of our young people.
10:10amPlenary Session 2:
Choose your keynote speaker:
Rachel Turner (Children & Families)
Dan Paterson (Youth)
Ben Dainton (Junior Leaders) {and for QLD Hubs}
or David Baker (RI in Schools)
11:00amMorning Tea
11:30amElectives Session 1
1:30pmElective Session 2
2:40pmElective Session 3
3:50pmClosing session
4:00pmConference End


Click on the Sessions below to see what electives are on offer in each time slot. Click on an elective topic to learn more about it. 

[L] = Live presentation  [R] = Recorded presentation with facilitated interaction.

Session 1: Electives

Children and Families:
Enabling friends’ families to spiritually parent - Rachel Turner [R]

All parents spiritually disciple their children, even if they have little or no faith. How can we as the church wade into those conversations with families on the fringes of our churches and encourage them in their spiritual role in the lives of their children? This session will cover key truths parents and carers need, how to position ourselves well to support them, and some practical steps to enable every family to nurture the spiritual lives of their children.

Developing young leaders - Brad Case [R]

So you find yourself with a young but passionate bunch volunteers. How do you develop them into more competent and more capable leaders that will support and then out-lead you? How do you make them into a team that is humming along and kicking goals? In this session we’ll discover some way to intentionally develop your team in a Christ-like way.

Leadership & Culture:
21st-century living – anxiety, uncertainty and constant change - Kerry Moss [R]

Humanity has been grappling with an invasion of mind. Fear and anxiety have moved in and whilst it is understandable when the world does not feel stable, we know we are made for greater things. This session aims firstly to help understand what is happening in anxious moments for individuals and its effect on relationships. We were designed and created for relationship and anxiety can often dent and damage the ways we connect with others and with God. The pandemic and other world issues have generally intensified feelings of anxiety, confusion and uncertainty. With that in mind, we will also explore lifestyle strategies to inspire thinking around positive connections for improved mental health and support for ourselves and our families as we continue to turn away from fear, uncertainty and constant change and turn towards the Father for His guidance in all circumstances, even when the world continues to show instability.

Session 2: Electives

Children and Families:
Equipping families for difficult times - Rachel Turner [R]

Sometimes families struggle with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. Drawing on her experience of working with families, and principles from her books Comfort in the Darkness and the upcoming book Comfort in Times of Uncertainty, Rachel will discuss some key principles in empowering parents and carers to coach their children spiritually through the common difficulties families face.

Engaging spiritual conversations with youth - Steve Forward [R]

When it comes to spiritual conversations, Jesus was a true master. In this session, we will explore 7 tools that Jesus used to amazing effect in his conversations and apply them to the issues and concerns facing today's young people.

Leadership & Culture:
Learning to apply cross cultural mission here at home - Tim Fawssett

If we go into a remote village in PNG, it would be critical that we applied cross-cultural skills to be able to understand these people and be understood by them. Likewise, if we work with people here in Australia who come from say African or Chinese backgrounds, then again, cross-cultural skills would be really helpful to understand and be understood. But what about engagement with our everyday, Aussie neighbour? How well do we understand "the other" - anyone who is different to us? And how well do you think they understand us when we speak? In this elective we will explore the concept of cross-cultural engagement in everyday ministry settings, picking up some simple skills we hope will improve the ways we meet the needs of children, young people and families, and see a greater impact with the gospel that we share with those who don't know Jesus.

Session 3: Electives

Children and Families:
Parenting as a church leader - Rachel Turner [R]

If you have children (no matter how old they are), you know that there are some unique dynamics when it comes to trying to parent at the same time as leading in a church. How can hold both these callings well, and help our families not just survive, but thrive as part of a ministry family? The session will serve as a taster for the resources available in the book and course Parenting as a Church Leader.

The power of mentoring - Jim Schirmer [R]

Jim Schirmer is a counsellor, educator, church re-former and spiritual mentor who has worked with youth and young adults for over 15 years. He is the author of 'The Way of the Rabbi: Stories of Discipleship from the Gospel of Mark' (Morning Star Publishing).

Leadership & Culture:
Second chair leadership – exercising influence when you lack authority - Leanne Palmer [R]

I am a leader in my movement, but I’m not THE leader. I lead a team, so I have some authority – but not complete authority. Most leadership books are written for the small number of people at the top of teams, churches or organisations, however the majority of leaders sit in the same space that I occupy, being a leader but not THE leader. What does it look like to lead when I'm not in charge? How can I serve as a second chair leader? How can I leverage influence, add value and make a difference across the organisation. What does it mean to lead with influence? What are the keys to success? How do we thrive and be leaders of influence where we are right now?