Welcome to ‘Electives Central’. Quality training delivered by experienced facilitators specially chosen for the day.
Most electives are capped at 30 people due to the size of the classrooms available – so apply early to avoid disappointment. Listed below are the electives on offer. You will need to choose one elective from each time slot: 

Electives 1: 10.45–11.45am  |  Electives 2: 12:00-1:00pm  |  Electives 3: 3.15-4:15pm

The number/s in brackets after an elective title (1)(2) indicate in which stream/s it is being offered.

Elective Streams: Children & Families   |   Youth & Young Adults   |    RI in Schools

Choose electives from within your preferred stream OR mix and match! Click on any elective title below to reveal more informatuion about the topic and its presenter.

Two downloads (pdf) have been created to make choosing a little easier. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

General Topics

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Children & Families

A suite of topics available catering for the broad range represented by children and families.

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Youth & Young Adults

A suite of topics available catering for the broad range represented by youth and young adults.

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RI In Schools

This is the premier RI conference event for Queensland. The specially designed program at AMPLIFY includes specific RI workshops, a special keynote speaker, and encouraging stories from RI instructors. Come along and be inspired, equipped and encouraged for your work in schools.

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Two downloads (pdf) have been created to make your choices a little easier:

Table of Electives

Download a table view of all the electives being offered in each stream.

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Full Elective Descriptions

Download a full description of all the electives on offer.

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