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Now you can get access to all electives from AMPLIFY 2022.

Keynote Sessions
  • Children and Families – Rachel Turner
  • Youth and Young Adults – Dan Paterson
  • Junior Leaders – Ben Dainton
Children and Families Electives
  • Enabling friends’ families to spiritually parent
  • Equipping families for difficult times
  • Making the most out of memory verses and music
  • Practical engagement in RI for students with special needs
  • How to ask questions where the answers are not always Jesus
  • Managing classroom and child bevhiour
  • Using childrens literature in ministry for all ages
  • Engaging kids in God’s big story
  • Ministry resources that help to cultivate lifelong faith
  • Relevant kids ministry in 2022
  • Child safeguarding: making it simple, effective and easy
  • Raising children in and age of screens
  • Creative ideas for prayer
  • Working with 0 to 5’s
  • Unpacking a Sunday
  • The power of Story
Youth and Young Adults Electives
  • Ministry at the margins: and practical paradigms
  • Developing young leaders
  • Leading teams of volunteers
  • The power of mentoring
  • Including youth with neurodiversity
  • When faith flounders – helping amidst doubt, questions and crisis
  • Identity matters – nurturing young people’s spiritual AND personal identity
  • Leaving the nest: transitioning young adults
Leadership and Culture Electives
  • Why is reading the Bible so hard sometimes?
  • A fresh look at leadership
  • Rethinking discipleship Part A & Part B
  • 21st Century living – anxiety, uncertainty and constant change
  • And African, an Asian and an Australian walk into a church
  • Learning to apply cross cultural mission here at home
  • Life in intergenerational
  • Transforming a declining older congregation through missional intergenerational faith practices
  • Intergenerational ‘preaching’ – making Scripture more nourishing then sermons
  • Engaging spiritual conversations about diverse gender and sexuality
  • Pastoral care among sexual and gender diversity

AMPLIFY is more than a conference!

The AMPLIFY Summit is a training and networking day for ministry team leaders – children, youth and families – held in Brisbane. In 2022, for the first time, the Summit will be available online. 
So, why not get together with some of the other team leaders in your community and make the most of the day? Prepare to be stretched and encouraged.

Save the Date – Amplify Conference 2023

Saturday 4th March 2023

AMPLIFY’s vision and heart is to serve local leaders serving local communities as well as bringing people together to celebrate Kingdom relationships and connections. Plan now to participate in the ever-growing range of local Hubs in 2023.

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