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9:00amPlenary Session 1:
Celebrate our opening together and listen to the voices of some of our young people.
10:00amMorning Tea
10:10amPlenary Session 2:
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Rachel Turner (Children & Families)
Dan Paterson (Youth)
or David Baker (RI in Schools)
11:00amMorning Tea & optional networking time
11:45amElectives Session 1
1:45pmElective Session 2
2:55pmElective Session 3
4:05pmClosing session
4:15pmConference End
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Session 1: Electives

Children and Families:
Relevant kids’ ministry in 2022 - Tracey Valentine

Several recent studies reveal why some kids become disengaged from the church or why faith doesn't seem relevant for them. We will delve into some solutions which are adaptable for every church context. Everyone can make a difference in a church community to help kids feel engaged. This elective is designed for all kids ministry volunteers as well as those who lead the ministry. You will leave with very practical ideas to help you increase the impact of your ministry. Tracy is passionate about ensuring we create thriving church communities where children feel loved and feel they belong as they grow in their faith. She has been a Kids and Families Pastor for 15 years and Lectures in Kids Ministry for the Queensland Baptist Theological College, Malyon.

Children and Families:
Managing classroom and child behaviour (RI applicable) - Terry Williams

Understanding some of the factors that cause behaviour is a beginning step in shaping appropriate response strategies for helping children to manage their behaviour and keep you in control. Practical components of the session include some first step strategies, preparatory checklists and a 10 Point Discipline Plan to help you help a child to navigate through their challenging behaviours to bring positive results.

Engaging spiritual conversations with youth - Steve Forward

When it comes to spiritual conversations, Jesus was a true master. In this session, we will explore 7 tools that Jesus used to amazing effect in his conversations and apply them to the issues and concerns facing today's young people.

Identity Matters - Nurturing Young People’s Spiritual AND Personal Identity - Rowan Lewis
Leadership & Culture:
21st-century living – anxiety, uncertainty and constant change - Kerry Moss

Humanity has been grappling with an invasion of mind. Fear and anxiety have moved in and whilst it is understandable when the world does not feel stable, we know we are made for greater things. This session aims firstly to help understand what is happening in anxious moments for individuals and its effect on relationships. We were designed and created for relationship and anxiety can often dent and damage the ways we connect with others and with God. The pandemic and other world issues have generally intensified feelings of anxiety, confusion and uncertainty. With that in mind, we will also explore lifestyle strategies to inspire thinking around positive connections for improved mental health and support for ourselves and our families as we continue to turn away from fear, uncertainty and constant change and turn towards the Father for His guidance in all circumstances, even when the world continues to show instability.

Leadership & Culture:
An African, an Asian and an Australian walk into a church - Tim Fawssett

A facilitated discussion between three Christians, of African, Asian and Australian decent, about their experience in life and ministry in Australia. God made all people in his image, and sees us all as beautifully made, equally in need of a Saviour and saved by grace, and each with unique gifts, perspectives and resources needed in his body, the church. In this session we will laugh and maybe cry at some of the stories that our minority-culture brothers and sisters find in our Aussie churches, and explore the challenges and opportunities that lie before us in our increasingly multicultural country.

Session 2: Electives

Children and Families:
The power of story - Terry Williams

How can you hold an audience without a rope? Come and discover the key elements in the art of storytelling that will help to connect with your audience, maintain their attention and create a special space for God to touch people’s hearts and minds. Such is the power of story and it is as easy as A, B, C & D.

Children and Families:
Making the most of memory verses and music (RI applicable) - Matt Gorton

Whether a Professional muso or someone who can't hold a tune, using and teaching memory verses and music are 2 of the most effective ways of teaching kids God's truth. How do you do it well? This is relevant for any children's ministry, including Religious Instruction in schools, Kids Church, Kids Clubs, Church services, etc...

Children and Families:
Foundations training for RI instructors: Module 3 (RI applicable elective over Sessions 2&3) - Lou Hodgson

Foundations Training Module 3 covers the core skills and capabilities for an RI Instructor to present RI in their classroom. The module will cover models of learning, practical aspects and using the curriculum.

Empowering youth through music - Heather Pitman

Music can shape cultural identity, build community and help young people to feel a sense of belonging and being understood. During this session we will explore how to use the tool of music to engage young people better, build stronger relationships and help develop fun and inclusive communities.

When Faith Flounders - Helping Amidst Doubt, Questions and Crisis - Rowan Lewis

With so many young people losing their faith and leaving the church a crucial leadership skill is helping young people when they have doubts and questions concerning their faith. Too often we are quick to talk and slow to listen. This workshop will unpack a really helpful framework to help you to feel confident working with young people as they navigate the hard times in their faith.

Leadership & Culture:
Leading change - Leanne Palmer

I wonder how you respond when you see the word – CHANGE? This has been an extended season of ongoing and unprecedented change. As leaders we’ve been required to adapt, to pivot, to drop and to create - often with very short lead times, limited resources and in a context of high expectations. Sometimes the pace and frequency of change has left us exhausted or disillusioned, other times it finds us energised and inspired. While leading change in this season has been a necessity, the requirement of us to lead change may be even more significant in the months and years ahead. The skills for leading your team, your ministry, your church or community through change will be invaluable both now and into the future.

Leadership & Culture:
Intergenerational ‘preaching’ – making Scripture more nourishing than sermons - Beth Barnett

Sermons - exegetical and practical application monologues are a recent addiction of the modern church. For many seasons of christian history, the nourishment of souls was not met by the individualist, verbal, rhetorical art of preaching. 'Preaching' in the New Testament is not simply a verbal practice but a whole of life witness of the gospel. For many congregations that seek intergenerational community, many parts of gathered worship are easily adaptable to inclusive practices - music, prayers, responses and offerings - but the sermon lacks accessible engagement. This workshop explores several practical intergenerational ways that engaging with scripture can be deeper, richer, more nourishing and more challenging than a 30 minute exegetical sermon. The resistance to intergenerational gatherings has often relied on the claim that 'we need to keep feeding mature christians' or 'we don't want to dumb down the teaching'. However, there is good evidence for accessible biblical exegetical material that will stretch everyone fits in intergenerational faith community wonderfully. Concrete examples, principles and methodologies.

Session 3: Electives

Children and Families:
Raising children in an age of screens - Terry Williams

The world is changing at an exponential pace. Technology is not going away. Denial is not a strategy that is going to work! While the challenge seems huge, come and explore some basic principles that undergird any strategy to help young people and parents to navigate through a digital world in a healthy way. Being informed is the start of the journey.

Children and Families:
Active learning: craft point to Jesus (RI applicable) - Fiona Millar

Messy, frustrating and a waste of time - while some love craft, for many children their inability to reproduce the item that has been modelled simply reinforces a sense of failure. For leaders, it can seem to be a high risk, chaotic lesson experience with heaps of preparation and little value to the children. So why bother with craft at all? The process of 'doing/making' encourages children to listen and interact in different ways and facilitates great opportunities for reflection that we miss in faster paced didactic teaching and learning.

Children and Families:
Foundations training for RI instructors: Module 3 (RI applicable elective over Sessions 2&3) - Lou Hodgson

Foundations Training Module 3 covers the core skills and capabilities for an RI Instructor to present RI in their classroom. The module will cover models of learning, practical aspects and using the curriculum.

Ministry at the margins: and practical paradigms - Jim Schirmer

This elective is for anyone who is called - or even curious - about doing their ministry at the margins of church and society. In every generation there is a need for disciples of Jesus to go, live, learn from and bless those people in our community who would never walk through the doors of our churches. In this elective, Jim will draw on over a decade of ministry in this area to share the theological imagination and practical steps of ministry at the margins.

The power of mentoring - Jim Schirmer

Jim Schirmer is a counsellor, educator, church re-former and spiritual mentor who has worked with youth and young adults for over 15 years. He is the author of 'The Way of the Rabbi: Stories of Discipleship from the Gospel of Mark' (Morning Star Publishing).

Leadership & Culture:
Second chair leadership – exercising influence when you lack authority - Leanne Palmer

I am a leader in my movement, but I’m not THE leader. I lead a team, so I have some authority – but not complete authority. Most leadership books are written for the small number of people at the top of teams, churches or organisations, however the majority of leaders sit in the same space that I occupy, being a leader but not THE leader. What does it look like to lead when I'm not in charge? How can I serve as a second chair leader? How can I leverage influence, add value and make a difference across the organisation. What does it mean to lead with influence? What are the keys to success? How do we thrive and be leaders of influence where we are right now?

Leadership & Culture:
A fresh look at leadership - Phillip Day

In summing up, it’s the constitution, it’s Mabo, it’s justice, it’s law, it’s the vibe, and … no, that’s it … it’s the vibe. I rest my case.” The Castle, 1997 Often the emphasis of leadership is recruiting & training a team, and setting strategies & goals towards a vision of ministry & mission. As important as that is, that’s only part of the picture. This session will emphasise the need to attend to ‘the culture’ or ‘the vibe’ of your ministry or mission team. There are at least nine aspects to this and we will set ourselves a direction to explore them all!