Elective Presenters

Biographical information is being sourced for all presenters and will be updated here as details are provided. 


Scott Adamson

Scott Adamson heads up Power to Change’s Digital Strategy in Australia (while still very much a learner). He has also worked with their campus ministry for many years, in Brisbane, Toowoomba, and the UK. He is wedded to Rachael, and has six children and a son-in-law. He didn’t grow up in a youth group, and didn’t get involved in church youth ministry until he was “rather along in years”, joining his cool kids who were leaders and participants in St Barts Anglican Church Toowoomba’s “Charge” youth ministry.


Elizabeth Barnett

Beth works in the messy zone where the streams of learning among all ages, the arts, theology, academia, life, mission, innovation and Bible engagement overlap. Her blog, multivocality.wordpress.com champions her life long passion for listening for God in the midst of listening to diverse sounds and voices.

Josh Bartlett

Josh has had many years of experience volunteering on Scripture Union camps, and now works as Bible engagement facilitator with Wycliffe Bible translators. In his role he helps people overcome whatever obstacles get in the way of them engaging with God through the Bible.

Andrew Beavers

Andrew (or Beavs) has been involved in the ministry of SU Camps for over 20 years and for the last 10 years has been on staff as Camps Specialist befoe moving into the Mission Systems Team of SU Australia.

Tim Beilharz

Tim Beilharz has been a Children’s Ministry Advisor in the Sydney Anglican Diocese for almost 10 years, after six years as children’s minister at Gymea Anglican Church. Tim has recently contributed a chapter on ‘Intergenerational Church and Sociocultural Faith Development’ in the recently published Engage All Generations edited by Cory Seibel.

Shane Brigg

Details to follow

Jodi Brook & Christine Matthias

Jodi is the Director and Christine is the Resource Coordinator for GROW Ministries which serves the Lutheran churches in Australia…and beyond. GROW Ministries is passionate about growing our own personal faith journey in relationship with God and others. Deuteronomy 6 and Matthew 28 are the foundation and motivation of our work together.

Lisa Brotherson

Lisa Brotherson is a passionate advocate for early childhood education. Over ten years of directing services, she is dedicated to supporting families and educators with understanding brain development, attachment needs and social/emotional behaviours of children. Lisa is a certified Early Childhood Trainer and Assessor, with a Bachelor of Child and Family Studies and soon to complete a Masters of Teaching. Working with children across Australia and internationally, she is delighted to be speaking at the AMPLIFY conference.

Greg & Meryem Brown

Greg and Meryem are a professional counsellor and psychologist team in private practice. They have a special interest in integrating faith and social sciences, always looking for the pastoral response to struggles and pain – especially for those on the margins.


Christine Chin

Christine is a member of the GodSpace writing team and has become well acquainted with word counts. It has helped that her background is as an English high school teacher and that she teaches SRE at her local primary school. She works part-time as a teacher-librarian at Barker College, which provides legitimate excuses to buy more books. When she’s not at school, she’s with her husband and four kids (five if including Banjo, their cavoodle), Christine enjoys good coffee, morning runs and attending Pennant Hills Baptist Church (obviously not in that order).

Cathie Clancy

We are passionate about legacy & raising spiritual champions to follow Jesus. For almost 30 years we have invested into children & families. Now more than ever we desire to see children connect to God through His word & by His Spirit. Media is part of our mission. Books, music, songs, oktv episodes, now dreaming and preparing for online Bible Courses for kids. STAY TURNED for 2022 @the_clancys www.theclancys.com.au

Cheryl Clendinning

Cheryl Clendinning, from Sydney, NSW, is a trained classroom teacher and ordained pastor. She has been around the RI/SRE/CRE space for over 35 years (off and on) teaching Scripture classes in the public school system (covering ages 5-15 years). Between 2006-2020, Cheryl was intently involved in the production of the GodSpace Curriculum. In 2021 she began teaching a Support Unit (Autism) class which built on her personal experience of engaging with her own family and friends with ‘special needs’, and those children integrated (not all formally diagnosed) into ‘mainstream’ schooling. Come join her workshop to share ideas and tips of how to engage all children in the school learning environment about God’s Story, with a particular focus on those who ‘see’ the world from a different perspective.

Bev Collins

Bev has volunteered in children’s ministry for many years. She currently works with preschool and primary aged children.

Stuart Conkie

Stuart has worked in Christian ministry with children, youth and adults for almost 30 years. He has been a teacher, worked in local missions, and pastoral ministry. More recently, he has started a counselling practice and has a passion for helping people discover hope.


Phillip Day

Phil has 40+ years of experience of ministry in a variety of teaching, leadership, ministry and consultancy roles … roles to do with everything from urban and beach missions, camps, schools ministry, a large regional church, small country and urban churches, national conferences, CRE, MOPS, play groups, and kindergartens. Oh, and setting ’the vibe’ in his family is some of his best work.

Greg Dickman

Greg has had a long career in senior leadership in many different and challenging roles both in education and the public service. He has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management and is looking forward to sharing what he has observed and learnt along the way. Greg takes a “down-to-earth” approach to leadership and believes that God intends our leadership to be a blessing to others and a living demonstration of the love and power of God through ordinary people.

Jane Dixon

Jane is a qualified High School teacher and has been active in full-time ministry with children and training leaders for over 30 years. Today working with Logosdor to help churches and families make disciples among children and teach children to make disciples! Jane has facilitated Writing and Creative workshops in Australia, Hong Kong, the Pacific, Middle East, Central America, Russia, and global workshops in the US. She is involved in the development and distribution of ministry resources via the Max7 website and strategic community; has served in the Australian Bible Society as a children’s field worker, and commissioning editor in their Publishing team, facilitating the creation of The BIG Rescue Bible. She’s been a puppeteer and LOVES being involved in holiday programs that reach out to the wider community.

Peter Dutton

Peter has been involved in Youth Ministry for over ten years. He is currently employed as the Youth and Young Adults Minister at St Bart’s Anglican Church Toowoomba and as a Youth Ministry Consultant for the Matthew Hale Public Library.


Andrea Eadie

Details to follow

Carl Eckermann

Carl has been involved in ministry with young people for most of his life. As a young father, Carl experienced the challenges of a healthy balance between work and family life and left a job he loved as a state youth director so that he could be more connected with the needs of his own growing family. With his children now grown up he is currently serving in a ministry development role in a local congregation. Carl is married to Kylie, and they have three beautiful daughters and will soon have two son-in-laws.


Tim Fawssett

Tim Fawssett looks after Cross Cultural Innovations at Scripture Union. From 2009-2017 he led a ministry called the “The Feast” in multi-cultural Birmingham England, helping equip Christian young people to engage with, love and share their faith with peers of a different faith or culture. Now Tim is taking this experience of vibrant engagement with “others” and exploring how it can inform and enrich ministry with SU and the local church.

Steve Forward

Steve has over 30 years of experience in youth work, from voluntary roles with churches, camps and missions to employed positions in churches, schools, the community sector and higher education. He has worked for SU for 25 years, designing and delivering training to volunteers, chaplains and youth work students for most of that time. He currently works in the SUA Equip Team as the ‘Practice Development Consultant’, researching trends and best practice approaches.


Daniel Gettis

Details to follow

Tara Gillepse

Details to follow

Matt Gorton

Matt is the Creative Director of Quiz Worx, a ministry that seeks to share Jesus with kids everywhere. He has a passion for ensuring that kids are taught faithfully from God’s Word in a fun and creative manner.


James Hall

Details to follow

Chris Helm

Chris Helm works with SU Australia in Victoria as a Field Development Manager. He has worked with schools as a teacher, chaplain and provider of chaplains and volunteers for more than 20 years and is passionate to see people, families and communities growing, thriving and discovering themselves in Christ.

Lou Hodgson

With over 30 years’ experience working with young people, background in nursing and midwifery and qualifications in youth work, training and assessment and fitness training, Lou is passionate about seeing young people reach their full potential. Currently an RI coordinator, instructor and trainer, Lou is committed to excellence in youth work and is involved in RI at a state level. Lou has completed the requirements to conduct Foundations Module training on behalf of Christian RI Alliance Qld (also known as Christian RI)



Adam Jolliffe

Adam came to know Christ through School Scripture (SRE, or RI) and is passionate about helping raise up people who will bring the love of God and Christ to children. He has worked as a Children’s Minister for over 20 years in Sydney, and is now a Children’s Ministry Advisor in the Sydney Anglican Diocese, supporting and training Children’s Ministers and SRE teachers.  


Natalie Kaiser

Natalie is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who works with children with a variety of special needs.

Sarah King

Details to follow

Andy Kirk

Andy and Christie Kirk have three children, and they live on the Gold Coast, Australia. Andy is the Director of Families at Glow Church as well as the National Leader of Children’s Ministry for the ACC (Australian Christian Churches) where he serves 1100 churches. Together they have been innovating and changing the landscape of Children’s Ministry for the last 17 years together. From leading locally in churches, overseeing Multi-site Ministries, and years of Mentoring and Consulting into churches, their experience and knowledge of Kids & Families Ministry is extensive. Both Andy and Christie are passionate about empowering and equipping people to live out all they were created to do by matching people’s potential with God possibilities.

Joseph Kolapudi

As a young millennial, Joseph currently serves with ReachAcross, a mission agency dedicated to reaching Muslims. He also serves with his local church in Woolloongabba, as part of a Christian co-working space known as ‘The Hub’. He loves to read, write and explore new places in and around Brisbane, and is a current contributor to YMI, an online youth platform hosted by Our Daily Bread Ministries Australia.

Shane Kuchel

Shane Kuchel is the Senior Pastor of Mosaic Gold Coast.  He has had a colourful career ranging from being a Professional musician in Sydney, a Financial adviser in Adelaide, and a Pastor in a number of locations.  Shane realised quickly that quality leadership helps achieve the mutual vision and helps us all to achieve the incredible life Jesus wishes for us to live!  To find out a little more about Shane on leadership checkout his vlogs on facebook.com/shane.kuchel.7


Peter Lane

Details to follow

Rowan Lewis

Rowan is the Head of Pastoral Theology at ACOM (Australian College of Ministry). He is an experienced researcher and educator in the area of formation and spirituality especially as it relates to younger people. Over the last 15 years, he has created and led formation programs for youth and young adults, and specialised in accompanying young people amidst times of doubt and spiritual transition – which ultimately became the focus of his PhD. Together with his wife Kirra, Rowan lives in Melbourne with three energetic teenagers who keep life suitably animated.

Kylie Limpus

Details to follow

Adam Lowe

Details to follow

Bettrys Lowe

Bettrys is passionate about finding creative ways to help children engage with the Bible and prayer. Throughout her life she has been involved in various churches, serving in children’s ministry, youth ministry, and music ministry. She is currently employed as the Children’s and Families Minister at St Bart’s, Toowoomba. Bettrys is also an experienced primary teacher, having worked in schools throughout south-east Queensland and in the UK.


Lachie McLean

Lachie McLean is a Chaplain at Grace Lutheran College and has a passion for reaching unchurched students. Lachie is working toward a double Bachelor in Ministry and Business and is excited about how these two fields interact with each other. He attends Beyond Church, which aims to create a church that unchurched people love to engage with, and is the host of the ‘Beyond the Message’ Podcast.

Christopher Mitchell

Chris Mitchell is passionate about helping build nations full of people who know their Value, Identity and Purpose© and seeing people discover their God given leadership potential. Chris has worked as a Teacher and Outdoor Educator for over 30 years and consulted internationally in the area of “Building Kingdom Facilitators”. He currently works as a Director and leadership facilitator for ‘Lighthouse Leadership-Psychology & Training’ with his wife Gretchen.

Kerry Moss

Kerry is a speaker, program facilitator and author. She has been blessed with a career of wide variety. Currently she is a chaplain at a local primary school, community programs manager at Hopefield Services and delivers a traffic offender program once a month. These roles offer her the chance to connect with children and adults, support them through challenges and struggles and celebrate positive change. Kerry is trained in various parenting and other programs, all of which offer participants the chance to reflect and grow. She is also the author of two children’s books and delivers regular community education and workshops on the topic of anxiety. Kerry is blessed to be married to Phil and has two children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter passed away in 2014. Her son and his wife have two children and another on the way. She has lived experience of anxiety, depression and grief but is anchored by faith in God and His promises. In her spare time, she enjoys creating with a crochet hook, puzzles and musicals.


Amy Norman

Amy serves as a Lay Minister of Discipleship at St Bart’s Anglican Church, Toowoomba. In this role, she co-leads St Bart’s Kids on Sundays, developing weekly Sunday School resources to help disciple children and families.



Leanne Palmer

Leanne has led teams in missional movements, not for profit and local church contexts, and is currently the Victorian Regional Manager with SU Australia. As ministry specialist, Leanne has worked with children in schools and churches, on missions, camps and holiday programs. She loves to engage kids with creativity and curiosity and is passionate about equipping leaders to work with children in real, relevant and life-changing ways.

Heather Pitman

Details to follow



Aleisha Reader-White

Aleisha Reader-White is the Founding Director of Equipped for Grace. Aleisha’s heart is for helping churches tackle some of life’s most difficult topics such as child safeguarding, domestic violence, mental health and more. Aleisha’s 13 years’ experience in the criminal justice system, in both front line and policy work, as well as church ministry provides unparalleled expertise in making child safeguarding easy, simple yet effective for your ministries. Speaking from a criminological perspective, Aleisha provides greater insights to help us protect our children.

Jillian Ross

Jillian has been involved in children’s and families ministry for over 30 years, in both paid & volunteer roles. She blogs at www.feedmyfamilyblog.com about feeding the family in body, mind, heart and soul. She’s passionate about helping families and church leaders to nurture children in faith & bringing all generations together.


Jim Schirmer

Jim Schirmer is a counsellor, educator and spiritual mentor based in Brisbane. After starting his ministry journey in congregations and Bible colleges, for the last decade Jim has pursued a call to serve people at the margins of both church and society. In that time, he has worked as a counsellor for at-risk adolescents, refugee survivors of trauma and asylum seekers, while simultaneously mentoring individuals and communities wanting to live missional lives. He is the author of The Way of the Rabbi: Stories of Discipleship from the Gospel of Mark.

Tom Schmidt

Tom has been leading teams of people involved in youth and young adult ministry for almost 20 years. From state wide events to small one off teams to long running ministries, he has successfully built and led teams for a huge variety of purposes.

Tim Sisarich

Tim has been helping families thrive for all his working life. Since 2013, he has been working in partnership with cause-driven NGOs and humanitarian organisations, enabling them to navigate the complex communications needs, challenges, and requirements of unstable humanitarian environments. His current role is the Country Director for Watoto, helping vulnerable women and children in South Sudan and Uganda. Having spent his childhood growing up in Fiji, working and volunteering in Israel/Palestine, serving in Children’s ministry in the US, as well as working with special needs children in Afghanistan, battered women and their children in Mexico and other people-to-people projects across the globe, Tim has a deep passion and sensitivity for those who struggle to help themselves. Tim is married to Jesmae, his best friend from high school. Together with their five children and a cattle dog, they live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He has a thing for languages, learning Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi, is partial to Turkish coffee, the wisdom of Brennan Manning, Daniel Silva novels and spending as much time with his family as possible.

Erica Skerman

Erica is the Director of Anglican Youth, Children and Families and has worked with AYCF since 2015. She is passionate about seeing young adults explore and deepen their faith in God while creating experiences and communities that embody joy and welcome.

Maree Southall

Maree has many years of experience in working with children and families both in ministry and professional roles. She is committed to seeing children as individuals and drawing out their strengths. Maree excels in working with children who may have difficulty fitting in for a variety of reasons. She is the Queensland Children’s Director for The Salvation Army and still serves every week at her local church in kids ministry.

Michael Stalley

Michael Stalley is a Priest in the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland. Over 20 years he has led contemporary and traditional churches, urban and rural, through loss and new beginnings. He has a particular interest in being part of communities in which all can find a valued place to belong, grow and contribute. In recent years, Michael has completed the “Certificate in Lifelong Faith Formation” through the Vibrant Faith Institute as well as attending the International Intergenerate conference in 2019. Michael has participated in the Australian Intergeneration Round Table (AIR 2019 and 2020) and is on the Intergenerate Australia planning team. Michael believes “The Princess Bride” can be useful somehow in all circumstances!

Wendy Strachan

For more than 35 years, Wendy’s been involved in children’s ministry in different parts of the world with Scripture Union and other agencies.


Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner is the Parenting for Faith Pioneer at BRF, supporting parents and carers to help their children meet and know God. She also equips churches and faith communities to empower and encourage parents in their role. She has written nine books on the subject, and is the creator of the Parenting for Faith course. www.parentingforfaith.org



Tracy Valentine

Tracy Valentine has been a Children’s and Families Pastor for 15 years, most recently serving as a Children’s Pastor, Generations Pastor and then Families Pastor at Gateway Baptist Church, where she Pastored for seven years. Before this, she served as a Children’s Pastor in Ballarat, Victoria. In 2021 Tracy was the team leader for QB Kids and Families. She is a Registered Pastor with Queensland Baptists and is the QB Area Pastor for Women Pastors. Tracy Lectures on Kids and Families Ministry at the QLD Baptist Bible College Malyon. Tracy is passionate about encouraging families to create vibrant homes of faith. She is eager to empower parents, grandparents and the church to use their influence in the comings and goings of everyday life to positively shape the faith of the next generation. She loves investing in the leadership of people who share the passion of raising the next generation to have an authentic and lifelong relationship with Jesus.


Michael White

Trainer, facilitator, motivational speaker and the creator of AusIDentities, a uniquely Australian approach to personality profiling, Michael has been running workshops and working with teams throughout Australia for over twenty years, assisting literally thousands of people to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. He says: “I believe the benefits of understanding the different values and core needs of our work colleagues, our young people and significant others are immense. With this new and rich understanding we are able to communicate better and can appreciate other people’s points of view, laying the foundation for more harmonious relationships and better informed choices. What a thought!”

Eunice Wallis

Eunice spent 10years looking down a microscope when she decided that God had other work for her to do involving children. She has been teaching RI for 26 years in the same school and loves teaching the lower grades. She says she has so much fun with this age group and is always looking to improve the way she shares God’s love. Come and hear her journey and maybe you might decide to try some of her ideas.

Judy Wharton

Judy has previous experience of 20 years as a Children`s Ministry Leader/Pastor including overseas training of children`s ministry workers, a valued team member on various mission trips connected with children & prayer. She also worked as a Teacher Aide with Special Needs children. Currently conducts workshops on encouraging and inspiring children to pray. Her passion is children, prayer & mission, which has enabled her to be involved with praying children around the globe!

Terry Williams

Terry has been on the staff team of Scripture Union in Queensland for 38 years as a specialist in ministry with families and children. In 2008 he was seconded to the SU International staff team, for half of his time, to serve the 120 SU movements in other countries. Terry is married to Margaret and they have three children and six grandchildren.




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